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Friday, May 19, 2006
22th of Rabee` ath-Thaanee, 1427

Friday, the blessed Holiday of the Week. As is usual for most of us Students from the West, as well as many of our colleagues from the Gulf States, Jumu`ah (Friday Sermon and Prayer) was at Shaikh `Ubaid al-Jaabiree's Masjid. The Shaikh normally has a class after the Jumu`ah is over on the Manners and Etiquettes of a Muslim, from Imaam Bukhari's Books of Manners (Al-Adab al-Mufrad). But the plan for today, was to leave as soon as the Jumu`ah was over, as not to be late for the Luncheon.

We got there quite promptly, there were already a good 25 people present. Went over to the section of the room for the elders and Scholars.,, The guest list was similar to that of the previous events. For those of you that don't know much about Shaikh Muhammad bin `Abdil-Wahhaab al-`Aqeel, he is an AWESOME Host.

I've been to a few events at his house in the past, and I can say without any doubt, that he in one of the most generous guests I've ever seen. Comparing his gatherings to those of Royalty and Businessmen, it shows that knowledge of the Religion, plus the qualities of the Arabs of Old, make a wonderful pair.

That guests, Shaikh Ahmad and Shaikh Zaid, along with their entourage, were late since they were scheduled to leave from Shaikh Muhammad's (al-`Aqeel) home directly to the Madinah Airport. They had some problems getting out of the Metropolitan Area of Madinah, (Madinah is VERY small, so this word is used out of exaggeration), where all the Hotels are, since Friday is a busy day, witness to many visitors from other cities, as well as the immense amount of people attending Jumu`ah at the Prophet's Mosque. When they finally came, it was time to get down and grub!

Shaikh Muhammad had prepared a traditional Najdi (from the Najd Plateau area of the Kingdom, encompassing Riyadh, the Nations Capital) Lunch. There was the, lamb and rice, not sure what this exact concoction was called. There were also some Najdi side dishes. Qursaan, which is like a flaky breading that is prepared with some meat and veggies (help me out all you Najdi bloggers out there), as well as Jareesh, which I dunno how to explain, except that it seems similar to a kind of Grits or Cream of Wheat (for all you ghetto folk out there), basically it was some sort of flour based, lentil-like stuff with some tender lamb meat and also some veggies. Very tasty stuff though. I may not be much of a Menu Writer, but the eating part was well taken care of. It was cool to once again see so many people of Knowledge sharing the same plate (many HUGE plates with each catering to about six to eight people), just reminds me of the stories my Grandfather used to tell me of how things were back in the old days. Old School hospitality along with Righteous Company, makes for a great Lunch, and a great Blog Entry.

Well everybody, that was the last and final post of this Series on the visits that were made from our Noble Scholars, Shaikh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee and Shaikh Zaid bin Muhammad al-Madkhalee, and their entourage of Scholars and Students of Knowledge. Check out the following Links for the other Posts Regarding this Weekend to Remember:

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About a week after their visit, we were visited by the brothers at Salafi Publications, as they had a Dawrah (Islamic Workshop) scheduled with Shaikh `Ubaid al-Jaabiree and a few of the teachers from the Islamic University. I'll try to put up some detailed posts of that trip also. Please forgive me for delaying this series so long, as Finals and Migraines kept me pretty bogged down.

Take care, and say no to deviance!
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Thursday, May 18, 2006
21th of Rabee` ath-Thaanee, 1427

We had lunch at Shaikh `Alee al-Hudhaifee's house, Senior Imaam of the Prophet's Mosque. But inviting Shaikh Ahmad and Shaikh Zaid to dinner is not as easy as might be thought. Let's back up a bit, to Wednesday, when we were at Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee's house for lunch. Shaikh Muhammad al-`Aqeel invited our Guests to lunch at his house on Thursday. Shaikh Zaid, politely and humbly, said, "Shaikh Ahmad is our Ameer (appointed leader) in this trip, my personal opinion is subject to what he says." And Shaikh, politely said, "Let Shaikh Muhammad (bin Haadee) do the scheduling, since we don't know what else is planned for tomorrow (Thursday)."

So, as Arab culture goes, that if somebody mentions an invitation in public, then everybody that is present is invited, and the host will actually be disturbed if the invitee DOESN'T attend, out of shyness or otherwise. Anyhow, Shaikh `Alee al-Hudhaifee interjects, "No way! Lunch is at MY house tomorrow. Got that everybody? My house… lunch… tomorrow."

So everybody kind of laughed it off as we were asked to prepare for lunch. So we all headed upstairs to eat. Lunch was pretty phat! Imagine, some of the most important people on the Earth, and maybe some of the closest people to their Lord, all sharing one spread. Shaikh `Ubaid has arthritis that has really been bothering him since last Ramadhan, (make Du`aa for him) so he had to sit on a chair ad eat at a table. Also, Shaikh Ahmad was in a car crash about ten years back and has been retired to using a cane since then, and last year he fell and hurt himself in his leg quite badly, may Allaah cure him. So, while everybody was socializing, and Shaikh Muhammad (bin Haadee) was being the GREAT host he is, Shaikh Muhammad bin `Abdil-Wahhaab al-`Aqeel, tried to insure that everybody would come to his house tomorrow, Thursday to lunch, with no real replies confirming attendance or not. When we got downstairs for tea, Shaikh `Alee al-Hudhaifee busts out, "Listen everybody, seriously… Tomorrow ya'll are coming over to my house for Lunch, and that's that." So everybody is a bit surprised since it was unofficially decided amongst them that Lunch is at Shaikh Muhammad's (al-`Aqeel) house. Anyhow, there was a slight exchange of words, which eventually led to Shaikh `Alee winning. Which also lead to Shaikh Muhammad (al-`Aqeel) changing his invitation to Dinner.

So yeah, that's how Thursday's daily activities came into play. So we get to Shaikh `Alee's house, as we thought, and were surprised that there wasn't a sign of life, though I saw some familiar cars outside from yesterday's Lunch Attendees. So we come up into the building, and dunno where to go. I rang one of the Intercoms and a person answered, and politely told us that it's the building next door. The funny thing is that Shaikh `Ubaid was saying to me, before I rand the Intercom, "This can't be the building, there is no sign of an engagement here. Most places where there is a get-together, you can tell there is a get-together there." I didn't know how to respond until we got into the Shaikh's building and I saw a tray of Qahwah (Arabic Coffee) cups and some dates, in front of one of the doors. So I barely began whispering that fact to Shaikh `Ubaid, as I was surprised to see Shaikh `Alee himself, sitting on the stairs to the right of the entrance, waiting for his guests. I was almost thrown back by such humility. How many people sit on the stairs of the building they own, and wait for their guests to enter? Being the fact, that this is one of the most well-known Islamic Personalities of our time, Senior Imaam of the Second most Sacred place in the World, the Prophet's Mosque! So the Shaikh got up, welcomed Shaikh `Ubaid, as is custom for younger ones to greet elders and Scholars, hand shake, kiss on forehead…
Besides that, and the many Pre-Lunch Conversations, it was just like the day before. The guest list was quite a bit smaller, I guess it was a little more private or something, but I'm not sure of the dynamics. Except that Shaikh Muhammad bin Ramzaan al-Haajiree, from Dammam, was also present with his crew. There was quite an interesting discussion on the Tableegh Movement, and many of the secrets that only people that were high in their ranks would know. I didn't know it gets as deep as some of the guests, who Allaah guided away from the Movement, explained.

Besides, the lunch, Shaikh Zaid was scheduled to give a talk at Masjid Qubaa' on the "Legislated Means of Victory", basically talking about the many innovated means people use to claim victory over our enemies, from within the Ummah or from the Non-Muslims. I was unable to attend, due to a Killer Migraine, but perhaps some of the readers may be able to comment on the talk, or maybe it may have been discussed on the Forum. Anyhow, the Shaikh's talk, as far as I know, went smoothly, without any interruptions or ruckus from the lamers that caused some issues the day before.

After the talk, there was a very private gathering arranged with our Noble Visitors. Shaikh Muhammad's (al-`Aqeel) Dinner was once again changed, to Lunch on Friday, which is strange because our guests were initially scheduled to leave Friday morning. Anyhow, that'll consist of the Final Post of this Series insha Allaah.

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Also, if you have any questions or comments regarding what was mentioned, please don't be shy to leave them in the comments section provided, I'll try my best to answer them promptly, insha Allaah.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Wednesday Night
20th of Rabee` ath-Thaanee, 1427

After the Masjid Qubaa' Event with Shaikh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee, we all headed to al-Basmah Istiraahah for a get-together with Scholars and Students of Knowledge. The main guests:
  • Shaikh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee, Mufti (Issuer of Religious Verdicts) of the Southern Regions of Saudi Arabia
  • Shaikh Zaid bin Muhammad al-Madkhalee, Prominent Scholar and Teacher in al-Ma`had al-`Ilmee (Islamic Institute) in Samitah, Jizan.
  • Shaikh Haadee bin Haadee al-Madkhalee, old school Islamic Caller in the Southern Region
  • Shaikh `Ubaid bin `Abdillaah al-Jaabiree, Former teacher in al-Ma`had al-`Ilmee (High School) and Da`wah College, Islamic University of Madinah and former Vice-President of Center of Islamic Daw`ah in Madinah
  • Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee, Doctorate in Hadeeth Sciences, Lecturer in Da`wah College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh `Abdur-Rahmaan Muhiuddin, Former Professor in the Hadeeth College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh Yoosuf ad-Dakheel, Doctorate in Hadeeth Sciences, Lecturer in Hadeeth College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh `Abdullah bin `Abdir-Raheem al-Bukhaaree, Doctorate in Hadeeth, Lecturer in Hadeeth College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh Zaki bin `Abdir-Raheem al-Bukharee, Shaikh `Abdullah's Brother, Doctorate in Islamic Law, Qaadhee (Islamic Judge), Former Member of the Supreme Judiciary Committee in Riyadh
  • Shaikh `Abdus-Salaam bin Saalim as-Suhaimee, Doctorate in iqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and Former Deen of Shariah College, Professor in Shariah College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh Ibraaheem bin `Aamir ar-Ruhailee, Doctorate in `Aqeedah (Islamic Creed), Lecturer in Hadeeth College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh Muhammad bin Ramzaan al-Haajiree, Islamic Caller in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
  • Shaikh Saalih az-Zubaidee, Doctorate in Hadeeth Sciences, Lecturer in Hadeeth College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Ruzaiq al-Qurashee, old school Islamic Caller from Taif
  • Fawwaaz bin `Alee al-Madkhalee, Son-in-Law of Shaikh Zaid and also a prominent Student of Knowledge in the South, also former advisor to the Governor of Jizan, Prince Muhammad bin Naasir

There were many other Teachers in the Islamic University and also prominent Students of Knowledge, but I can't recall them all since there was a lot of coffee-pouring to do.

Many people had come from outside of Madinah for the Lectures and the other events. I recall seeing familiar faces from Jeddah, Makkah, Riyadh, Dammam, Taif and Jizan. The overall turnout of students was about 1,000-1,500 in all. If anybody remembers any more than that, just leave me a comment.

The talk was administered by Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee, as he is usually the M.C. at these types of events. The main topic of the talk was advice to the Students as well as a brief summary of the lives of these two very noble men. Shaikh Ahmad went in on how things were when he was young. Growing up in the South, his village, an-Najaamiyah, is literally a stones throw away from the border of Yemen. He talked about how when he was still a young student, they had a problem in their institute, al-Ma`had al-`Ilmee (Islamic Institute).

There were many Yemeni students who would come to the Institute as listeners (people who are not officially students). The main reason was the fact that they were not Saudi, nor did they have legal residential papers (Iqaamah). The Yemeni students soon became larger in number than the registered students. That caused a case of over-population to occur in the classrooms, making it hard for the official students to concentrate. So the students complained to their teacher, the Imaam, Shaikh `Abdullaah al-Qar`awe, the main caller to Tawheed (Oneness of Allaah) in the Southern Regions. Shaikh `Abdullaah was a force to be reckoned with. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable, but he had lot's of wisdom in dealing with people. So anyways, the students (registered) complained about their non-registered counterparts, and Shaikh `Abdullaah basically told them (registered) off. He basically made it forbidden for anybody to give the Yemenis any grief. It just shows how different things are these days and how far we are from the guidance of our Predecessors (Salaf).

In the upcoming Post I'll cover the Events of Thursday and Friday, insha Allaah.
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And the Migraine Guide Blog has been moved from it's old address, some retard named "Sally" stole the old address, oh well.
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Wednesday Afternoon
19th of Rabee` ath-Thaanee, 1427

It seems, it was only yesterday that Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee got his Doctorate. Once again, a great event was on its way. Shaikh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee, the Mufti (Issuer of Religious Verdicts) of the Southern Regions of the Kingdom, and Shaikh Zaid bin Muhammad al-Madkhalee, a very prominent Scholar from the South also, were on their way with their entourage to Madinah. With them were:
Shaikh Haadee bin Haadee al-Madkhalee, old school Islamic Caller in the Southern Region
Fawwaaz al-Madkhalee, Son-in-Law of Shaikh Zaid and also a prominent Student of Knowledge in the South, also former advisor to the Governor of Jizan, Prince Muhammad bin Naasir
And other Students of the two Noble Shaikhs

On Wednesday Shaikh Ahmad was scheduled to give a talk at Masjid Qubaa', after Maghrib Salah (Prayer), on the "Creed of the Victorious Group" as mentioned in the Previous Post.

There was also a Luncheon at Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee's house in honor of the visiting Scholars. Many of Madinah's Scholars and Students of Knowledge were present, including:
  • Shaikh `Alee bin Muhammad bin Naasir al-Faqeehee, Doctorate in `Aqeedah (Islamic Creed), Da`wah College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh `Ubaid bin `Abdillaah al-Jaabiree, Former teacher in al-Ma`had al-`Ilmee (High School) and Da`wah College, Islamic University of Madinah and former Vice-President of Center of Islamic Daw`ah in Madinah
  • Shaikh `Abdur-Rahmaan Muhiuddin, Former Professor in the Hadeeth College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh `Alee bin `Abdir-Rahmaan al-Hudhaifee, Senior Imaam of the Prophet's Masjid
  • Shaikh `Abdullah bin `Abdir-Raheem al-Bukhaaree, Doctorate in Hadeeth, Lecturer in Hadeeth College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh Zaki bin `Abdir-Raheem al-Bukharee, Shaikh `Abdullah's Brother, Doctorate in Islamic Law, Qaadhee ( Islamic Judge), Former Member of the Supreme Judiciary Committee in Riyadh
  • Shaikh `Abdus-Salaam bin Saalim as-Suhaimee, Doctorate in iqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and Former Deen of Shariah College, Professor in Shariah College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh Muhammad bin `Abdul-Wahhaab al-`Aqeel, Doctorate in `Aqeedah (Islamic Creed), Professor in Da`wah College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • Shaikh Saalih az-Zubaidee, Doctorate in Hadeeth, Lecturer in Hadeeth College, Islamic University of Madinah
  • As well as a few other Students of Knowledge from Madinah and neighbours of Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee

Later on in the evening, Shaikh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee had a talk, as mentioned after Maghrib Salah (Prayer) in Masjid Qubaa'. He summarized the `Aqeedah (Islamic Creed) of Ahl as-Sunnah (The People of the Sunnah) in under 20 points. The talk was delayed about 20 minutes due to some commotion caused by some lame people part of the Masjid's administration, complaining that the talk was not announced and that the correct licenses were not acquired for the talk to be held in such a public place. After the lamers got a call from their boss, the head of the Islamic Da'wah (Call) center, they gave up. The talk went on until `Ishaa' Salah (Prayer), after which, there was an Istiraahah Event (gatherings held at locations outside Metropolitan Madinah) planned for our two noble visitors. I'll mention that in a separate post, insha Allah.

That was Wednesday Afternoon everybody, check out the following Links for the other Posts Regarding this Weekend to Remember:

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Tonight should be a very eventful night indeed!

There are a few activities planned for tonight that very rarely come together on the same day.

Firstly, Shaikh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee, the Mufti of the Southern Regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will be giving a lecture at Masjid Qubaa' titled, "The Victorious Group", in relation to the Hadeeth of the Prophet, sallallaahu `alaihi wa sallam, "There will continue to be a group from my Ummah, upon the Truth, victorious..."

After the Shaikh's Lecture which is between Maghrib and `Ishaa' Prayers, there will be a get together with the other Scholars, the Stars of guidance, in a local Istiraahah (Local places for family get-togethers and small events).

The main scheduled guests are Shaikh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee, and Shaikh Zaid bin Muhammad Haadee al-Madkhalee.

Normally Istiraahah events are visited by other Scholars as well such as:
These events are great for the Students in our University because of the fact that at the beginning of the School Year, there is always an Istiraahah Event, so the new students get a chance to meet with many other students from other countries, thus aiding them in networking and getting used to their new surroundings. As well as, the older students who are graduating, they get to meet the newer students and give them any advice before the new school year.

Also, at the end of the school year, there is generally an Istiraahah Event planned. This way those students who will be leaving, are able to leave on a good note, having met all their acquaintences and meeting many of the Scholars before leaving.

Last year, at th end of the school year we had an amazing Istiraahah Event, with a surprise visit by Shaikh `Alee bin `Abdir-Rahmaan al-Hudhaifee, Senior Imaam of the Prophet's Masjid.

In general, it's an awesome opportunity for us students and any visitors visiting Madinah.
If you are in Madinah, or can make the drive up from Jeddah, Makkah or Yanbu, do it. If you leave after Dhuhr Prayer, you can get here well in time for the Talk and the Event.

Take care people...
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
The list of new students accepted into the Islamic University of Madinah has been updated.

I was able to get a few more names of students from Western Countries. For those of you that might be from the West and were looking for your names or names of friends or relatives, check out the newly updated list. Do what you can to link back to them so that more people can benefit from the list. Many times, people will be accepted into the Islamic University but they are unable to come due to not being informed of their acceptance. Either it's because the address that they used was that of an Islamic Center or other public establishment, or that the address has expired and they are no longer able to access it, or perhaps they may have moved. So the internet is a GREAT medium for those who applied to be able to get the information they need to get studying. One of my firends is in Yemen right now studying, and he is a prime example of somebody who is unable to access the address which they provided at the time of applying.

The link to the updated list is the same as the old one:
Names of Students Accepted into the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia
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Thursday, May 11, 2006

What an eventful day!

Today was full of activities.

First, I had a Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence Test) at about 10:00 a.m.

While I was pulling into school I noticed all kinds of police cars and motercycles in the area. Later on, I remembered that they were scheduled to have a Pseudo Graduation Ceremony. Mostly a symbolic event in which a group of students (one from each nationality) that is graduating, receives a kind of degree (more like a certificate of appreciation) that is passed to them by the local Prince. Thus all the police traffic, Prince `Abdul-`Azeez bin Maajid Aal Sa`ud, Governor of the Madinah Region, was on campus.

Later on in the evening was the fun stuff.

Firstly, there was a talk to be giving at Masjid Qubaa', the first Masjid built in Islam (during the Prophet Muhammad's Prophethood). The lecturer was Shaikh Sulaiman Abul-Khail, Vice-President of Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh. It was a clear case of purely bad timing. "Why", you ask? Cause tonight was THE NIGHT. Tonight, our beloved Shaikh, Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee, was to debate his Doctorate Thesis. So everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, had plans only to go to the debate. To add to the hype, the main debater of the thesis was Shaikh Wasiullaah `Abbaas, Lecturer at Umm al-Quraa University in Makkah.

It was quite a "Star Studded Event", but not like Hollywood Stars... no, not in the least. Those "Stars" misguide people. These Stars were lamps of light deep in the dark sky, which travelers seeking the path use to be guided to the Right Way. These were Scholars of the Deen (Religion).

The Thesis was presented through the faculty which I study in, the Hadeeth College. It was based on those Hadeeth (Prophetic Narrations/Statements) that Imaam Abu Daawood as-Sijistaani documented in his Hadeeth Collection called the "Sunan", plural of "Sunnah" (Prophetic Narrations/Statements and Actions). Basically, from the other Collections of Hadeeth, some narrations were found ONLY in Abu Daawood's Collection. So the Shaikh studied those narrations through teh Sciences of Hadeeth and Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence). The thesis was VOLUMINOUS! It was 2,700 pages in total, bound into five THICK volumes.

The Shaikh's Mushrif (Supervisor/Mentor) for the thesis, was Shaikh `Abdur-Rahmaan Muhiuddeen, and old school teacher fromt he Hadeeth College, that studied under the likes of Shaikh Hammaad al-Ansaaree and Shaikh `Abdul-Muhsin al-`Abbaad. The main debater was Shaikh Wasiullaah bin Muhammad `Abbaas, of Makkah. The other debater, was a teacher from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, it turns out, he was Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee's first teacher when the Shaikh first studied in Riyadh, WAY back in the day. Back in 1404 A.H. (the year I was born), Shaikh Musfir bin Ghurmillaah ad-Dumainee, taught Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee, when the Shaikh was getting his Bachelors in Islamic Studies.

The turnout was AMAZING. I estimate that there were about 2,000 spectators (yea, sounds like a Gladiator Match huh?). People turned up from EVERYWHERE. There were people that came from FAR OFF cities in the Kingdom. From Jizan, Riyadh, al-Majma`, Dammam, Jeddah, Makkah... you name it. That's besides the international visitors, people came from Kuwait, there were people that came from Europe on `Umrah, it was amazing. There was Quite a line-up of Scholars, Professors, Major Students of Knowledge, Da`wah Personalities and General Students of Knowledge from all over the place. At the end of the post, I'll provde a list of everybody that I, myself, saw. I am sure there were some hidden guests here and there with all the commotion and crowding.

The debate started at 7:00 p.m., after Maghrib Salaah (Prayer). The introduction was read by the Student, Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee, and the first Debator, Shaikh Musfir, started his criticism of the work. This guy obviously had something up his sleeves. He had this strangely disturbing look on his face when he saw the HUGE turnout. He started praising the Student and the Work. Yet he also described the work as "Extremely Weak" and "Falling Apart". It's strange though, being that he is Shaikh Muhammad's teacher, from back in the day, but it is quite common for people from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh to be prejudice of students from our University. Oh well, it surprised me since the actual Supervisor of the Thesis, Shaikh `Abdur-Rahmaan Muhiuddeen, himself said, "I've never supervised nor witnessed a more spectacular and pleasing thesis in my career in the Islamic University of Madinah. After many, cheap shots and failed attempts, the first debater's time was up. The size of the Thesis is so expansive that the first debater never left the first volume.

Then came Shaikh Wasiullaah `Abbaas. The one we all came to see in action. The Shaikh is known to be an authority when it comes to the Sciences of Hadeeth, that is of course, after the main Scholar of those sciences in our time, Shaikh Rabee` bin Haadee al-Madkhalee. The Shaikh made many valuable suggestions, everybody benefited. No cheap shots, no cards up sleeves. Just clean, crisp criticism that was VERY in-its-place. The Shaikh is quite well-mannered and very soft spoken. What a delight!

Ok, so at about 11:00 p.m. the debate is finally over. Crowds of people are moving around in the Debate Hall: talking, chilling, whatever. Everybody is waiting for the three Shuyookh (plural of Shaikh), the Supervisor and the two Debaters. They came out of the little room that they make the decision in, about twenty-five minutes later.

Shaikh `Abdur-Rahmaan Muhiuddeen made the announcement:

"In the name of Allaah, ar-Rahmaan, ar-Raheem. All Praise is due to Allaah, Lord of the Worlds. May the Salaah (prayers) and Salaam (peace) be upon the Messenger of Allaah. Today, on the day of Wednesday, the 11th of Rabee` al-Aakhir, the year 1427 A.H., here in the Grand Lecture Hall of the Islamic University of Madinah…
The Board for Theses Debate:

  • I your brother `Abdur-Rahmaan bin Saalih Muhiuddeen, the Supervisor
  • Professor Dr. Musfir bin Ghrumillaah ad-Dumaini, a Thesis Criticizer
  • Professor Shaikh Wasiullaah bin Muhammad `Abbaas, a Thesis Criticizer

We sat down together to discuss the outcome of the Doctorate Thesis of the Student,

Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee, of Saudi Nationality, who presented his Thesis to the Department of 'Fiqh as-Sunnah' (The Jurisprudential Understanding of the Sunnah) in the faculty of 'Hadeeth and Islamic Studies'. The thesis was presented for the International Certificate of Higher Studies (PhD.), with the Title, 'The Zawaa'id (Hadeeth that is not found in other books) of Imaam Abu Daawood, from the Eight Fundamental Books of Hadeeth, Collection and Analysis, According to the Science of Hadeeth and Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)'. The debate started at 7:00 p.m. and lasted until 11:00 p.m. and was interrupted temporarily due to `Ishaa' Salaah (Prayer). We'd like to announce that after great consideration and analysis, the Student, Muhamad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee has been awarded the International Certificate of Higher Studies (PhD), with Honors of the First Degree (the highest degree that a student can get his Doctorate in). May Allah's Salaah (prayers) and Salaam (peace) be upon His Messenger Muhammad, and his Family and Companions."

After that, the Students were in a hurry to try to congratulate the Shaikh, It was quite a scene. Students hurrying to get to the exit area of the Stage that the Shaikh was on, Scholars in a hurry to get out of the crowd and be on their way either to their homes, or to the private congratulatory dinner that was to be held afterwards. If it weren't for some brothers that were standing security and the fact that there was a small private sitting room that the Shuyookh were hurried into, so as not to be bothered by the crowds, if it weren't for that, I think Shaikh Muhammad would have been hurt. So while we were waiting in the sitting room, the Deen of the Hadeeth College, Dr. Husain al-`Abdalee, and the Vice Deen, Dr. Qaasim at-Tawaashah, came to congratulate the Shaikh as well as many of the Shaikh's close relatives from Jizan region (where the Shaikh's hometown is).

When the crowds died down, the caravan started moving. The destination was the post-debate dinner. The location was kept secret so that the Shuyookh and family members and friends of the Shaikh are not bothered by 2,000 students and guests. No matter how hard they tried, people just followed in their cars like paparazzi. I was unable to go right away, as I had to drop Shaikh `Ubaid off at his home, since he was a bit worn out. When I got there, there was quite a gathering of people. I'm guessing the initial guest list was around 100 people, but there were about 250 people there. Al-Hamdu lillaah. the food was just enough, not to leave anybody hungry. Shaikh `Abdur-Rahmaan Muhiuddeen gave a nice talk about the Sunnah, holding fast to it and acting by it. The talk was followed by the dinner and then basically we left.

I personally had to drop a brother off at his hotel, since he flew down from Riyadh to attend the debate. After dropping the brother off, I went to the Prophet's Masjid and took some pictures from outside, I'll be uploading them soon, insha Allaah. I basically came home at 2:00 a.m. I doubt that anybody else really came home before that. I was gonna write this post last night, but I was exhausted and needed to get my slumber on.

List of Prominent Attendees from Madinah:

  • Shaikh Saalih bin Sa`d as-Suhaimi
  • Shaikh `Alee Naasir al-Faqeehee
  • Shaikh `Ubaid al-Jaabiree
  • Shaikh Yoosuf ad-Dakheel
  • Shaikh `Abdur-Rahmaan bin Saalih Muhiuddeen
  • Shaikh `Abdullaah al-Bukhaaree
  • Shaikh Tarheeb ad-Dausaree
  • Shaikh `Abdus-Salaam as-Suhaimee
  • Shaikh Ibraaheem ar-Ruhailee

As for the Shuyookh from outside Madinah:

As for the other guests from outside Madinah:

  • Our brother, Khaalid Baaqais, admin of
  • Ahmad az-Zahraanee, a well-known student of Knowledge from Makkah
  • Fu`aad al-`Amree, graduate from the Islamic University of Madinah, currently works with the Committee for Commanding the Good and Forbidding the Evil
  • Usaamah al-`Amree, Fu'aad's brother. Also a graduate and also working with the Committee
  • Ruzaiq al-Qurashee, old school Da`wah Workshop Coordinator from Taa'if
  • `Abdullaah bin Burjis, brother of the late Shaikh `Abdus-Salaam bin Burjis, rahimahullaah (May Allaah have Mercy upon him)
  • `Aadil Mansoor, well-known student of knowledge from Riyadh
  • Haanee bin Breik, well-known student from Yemen, who recently moved back to Madinah
  • `Abdullaah `Abbaas, graduate from our University and well-known young student of Knowledge

There were many other people from different cities, regions and countries that attended. Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee's cousins came up from Jizan region. As well as many old acquaintances from way back in the day, when the Shaikh was still an up and coming student of knowledge.

That's the news everybody


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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
This is an updated list of New Students accepted into the Islamic University of Madinah.

This list contains the names of a little over eighty students, who were accepted into the Islamic University for the 1427-1428AH/2006-2007AD School Year. If you find your name among those accepted, contact your nearest Saudi Cultural Mission. If you are unable to locate one in your country, contact the nearest Saudi Embassy or Consulate. For some countries, like Trinidad, you might have to go to Venezuela to expedite the admission papers and any other paperwork you might have to provide.

Note: This list is inclusive of the previous list, after going back to the school, I was able to write down a few more names to later make them available online. I have talked to the administration about making the names available online. I have been asked by people of other nationalities to make the list available but it is too much of a hardship since one has to manually note the names on paper. With certain countries, dozens of students have been accepted, and jotting it all down on paper, while you are standing in an un-air-conditioned hallway, is a bit difficult. So let's just hope the administration will make the list available online, as they promised to do so. This list includes names of students accepted in the Americas, Europe, Western Asia (ex-Soviet Union) and Australia and the South Pacific. There may be other students accepted from other countries that fall under this general categorization, but since this was all part of one master list, I only jotted this set down. If you know any of these people, or know of any websites in the languages of these countries, do them a favor and translate the information, or provide a link back to the Madinah Blog. As for English-speaking websites, I'd appreciate it if they would link to this site since it took a great deal of effort to be able to get the list and make it available. I have asked the administration to give me the WHOLE LIST of students accepted into the Islamic University, but they said there would be many official channels that I'd have to go through to get my hands on the list, I will try though.

Before listing the names, I'd like to convey a personal message to those brothers that were accepted to the Islamic University:
Congratulations! This might be one of the most important things you will have ever done for yourself. But beware, you were chosen out of many hundreds of applicants, so take advantage of this opportunity. Don't mess around! There might be many people that are more worthy –academically– than me or you that would do almost anything to be able to live in the Prophet's City and pray in the Prophet's Masjid. Be a benefit to yourself, your family and your community! DON'T be a "tourist", a pet name we have for all the students that come and basically waste their time buying the coolest new phone and eating fast food and basically being a waste of space. Fear Allah, and study hard.

North America:

United States: 8 Students
  1. محمد حميد
  2. محمد عبدالله الشبيكي
  3. يوسف جو سكافي
  4. حكيم خالد جمال
  5. بيك جواد
  6. جبريل علي محسن
  7. عبدالحليم عدنان شاوت
  8. فيصل هدي

Canada: 2 Students
  1. محمد عمر عثمان
  2. محمود بشير

South America and The Caribbean:

Brazil: 1 Student

إيدوارد ماجيلاتي

Saint Lucia: 2 Student

برادلي اجدوما

Haiti: 2 Students
  1. والت مويس
  2. جين روبادي أمازان

Venezuela: 2 Students
  1. وحيد فكتور قالقو
  2. ماريو خوسي النصر

Guyana: 2 Students
  1. عبدالسميع أمير نور
  2. مسعود سعيد يوسف

Trinidad: 1 Student

أحمد علي


United Kingdom: 8 Students
  1. جونثن قرملي
  2. ماثيو قرين
  3. سالك أحمد
  4. أحمد باتل ماما
  5. نعمان حسين
  6. شهباز ميهار
  7. إسماعيل بن محمد سعيد بمجي
  8. ماثيو هايلز

Netherlands: 2 Students
  1. محمد الشبيب
  2. صالح أيت قاسي

Italy: 1 Student

رزق محمد عبدالمجيد محمد إسماعيل

Portugal: 1 Student

أديسون لوبو ديبيانا

Greece: 1 Student
هابيل رشاد

Norway: 3 Students
  1. رحالي نورالدين محمد
  2. محمد زبيري
  3. حسين زكريا

France: 8 Students
  1. رياحي منير
  2. اليفيه ماثيو
  3. مهدي سلامة
  4. ماران فريدريك
  5. الان ايلويس بنجار
  6. كولو فرانسوا اوليفيه
  7. لانوزيل ارثر
  8. جلال صفوان

Finland: 2 Students
  1. يوهو هـيـنـنن
  2. عمر فولكن صديك

Georgia: 2 Students
  1. بسلان ايواز مختاروف
  2. أمين أمود حاجيوف

Ukraine: 1 Student

غالمدار ابراز خافي خير الله

Germany: 3 Students
  1. عدنان توبجاغيج
  2. روبرت شوارتزه
  3. دنس فورتو

Estonia: 1 Student
سوسلان برادزوف

Moldova: 1 Student

دين إسلام طلقت

Switzerland: 2 Students
  1. نيرمين احوفيتـش
  2. موسى خلف

Slovenia: 2 Students
  1. جرني سيزار
  2. أمير افديتـش

Denmark: 2 Students
  1. اركان الماسي
  2. سوران هلب بيترسن

Bulgaria: 2 Students
  1. بورسلاف كوستادينوف ايوان كوستادينوف
  2. محمد حمدي عبدالله

Turkey: 9 Students
  1. بلال شاهين متين
  2. مراد يلماز أنفر
  3. محمد أكرم شعبان ايدين
  4. إسماعيل عبدالله يوسف
  5. عثمان مولود آقصوي
  6. محمد بن يالجين أشرف
  7. محمد حمزة حسين أفجان
  8. طه يعقوب بن محمد اشجي
  9. إلياس يلديز محمد

Czech Republic: 2 Students
  1. فيلان فاهالا
  2. سامر رياض شحادة

Spain: 1 Student

هشام عبدالسلام محمدي

Belgium: 3 Students
  1. ايت سرحان حميد
  2. اليطوتي اسماعيل
  3. الراس يونس

Sweden: 5 Students
  • اسف خان فانيفوج
  • منصور فانيفوج
  • ثاند توبياس
  • أصال رمسيس
  • اسماعيل نور محمد

Middle East & Far East

Qatar: 2 Students
  • سعيد حمد جارالله جهويل
  • مبارك محمد ماجد الصبيح المري

Kuwait: 8 Students
  • عبدالرحمن خليفه عبدالله عوض الحميدي المطيري
  • خالد عبدالله علي أحمد علي محمد
  • عبدالله محمود عبدالله الهزاع
  • عبدالله عيسى عبدالرحمن سرحان عبدالله
  • مشاري مبارك عواد العازمي
  • مساعد نبيل خالد خالد الفرحان
  • عبداللطيف إبراهيم عبدالله الشاهين
  • محمد خالد عبدالله عبدالرزاق الهندي

United Arab Emirates: 2 Students
  • محمد صديق عقيل حمحد شريف حاجوني
  • عبدالله عبيد سليمان حمد المطوع

China: 10 Students
  • جانغ كون
  • مامه نه ماماما
  • ماتشنغ هاي
  • يوسف هدايةالله نوح
  • تشيولي يي
  • خان تشيان
  • ما تيانغ
  • ماجيون
  • ليوجن مو
  • يان في

Japan: 1 Student

ميكي ساكارتا

Taiwan: 1 Student

ماجي ين

Singapore: 6 Students
  • محمد اسراري بن أحمد سنوسي
  • محمد خالد بن راف بن تائب
  • محمد فيصل بن مصريف
  • محمد أسلم
  • محمد رزحان بن ليمان
  • محمد فضلي بن صليب

Australia & The South Pacific:

Australia: 6 Students
  1. مصطفىعبدالرزاق السراقبي
  2. محمد خان
  3. بلال دبوسي
  4. عبدالله عبدالسلام أحمد زود
  5. مرزا حوسفتـش
  6. مايكل سلفاتور بوليسينا

New Zealand: 1 Student

براد هيربرت

Fiji: 1 Student

محمد امراز حسين

Check back for more information on the Islamic University…
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
5 Day Forecast , Insha Allah

Today Tomorrow Thu Fri Sat
sky: partly cloudy (day)

Partly Cloudy

High: 98°
Low: 81°
sky: partly cloudy (day)

Partly Cloudy

High: 90°
Low: 78°
sky: partly cloudy (day)

Partly Cloudy

High: 97°
Low: 76°
sky: sunny


High: 101°
Low: 77°
sky: sunny


High: 102°
Low: 77°

Enjoy people...
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Yes, it's what happened, I almost got arrested. Me, the good samaritan, the dude that helps old ladies cross the street (only mahrams). They wanted to put me away, "Book 'em, take 'em down to the station", said Officer Bedouin.

I ran a red light. I had to. i drive an Astro, if I were to slam the breaks, I'd go skidding to the center of the intersection, NOW THAT'S BAD! So I ran it. Little did I know that there was a Check Point set up only 50 yards (meters) down from the intersection which I criminally crossed. The signed to me to pull over, I was doomed.

I gave them my story, told them that in my country they teach me that if slamming the breaks will cause me to skid and thu spossibly causing a bigger traffic obstacle, that I should carry on at the speed that I am going, to avoid greater harm. He said, "That's the way it is here in our country too, now please, get in the Squad Car and accompany us to the station."

That was it, time to pull out my Ace of Spades:
"But Shaikh, I can't go to the station with you, it's exam time, I have tests. I just left the house to use the ATM (which I did). Sir, my wife is waiting at home, I came out to get her some bread and zabadi (yoghurt). I don't think it'll be possible for me to go with you..."

They were making space in the squad car, they even had a dud sit in the front with the cop, which is a REAL security hazard cuz every Squad Car brandishes a new, probably never been used, AK-47, which is almost standard issue these days cuz of the terrorist problem ad the Kingdom's unrelenting War on Terror.

So anyhow, they started looking at one another and feeling sorry for me. They let me go. Mind you that the pealty for breaking a red light is three days in jail and about 900 Riyals in fines (which I am probably still gonna have to pay).

Allah is Merciful and Madinah is the best city on Earth. Only here can you get away with such crimes and be pittied by the cops.

Al-Hamdu lillah
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