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Sunday, June 18, 2006
What a momentous visit...
  • Custodian of the Two Sacred Mosques (al-Haramain), King Abdullah bin `Abdil-`Aziz Al Sa`ud
  • Crown Prince, Sultan bin `Abdil-`Aziz Al Sa`ud
  • Ministry of the Interior, Prince Na'if bin `Abdil-`Aziz Al Sa`ud
The visit, comes as the new Madinah Maternity Hospital is to be opened by our King. He was received last night at the local Footbaal Stadium, by the locals of Madinah, and the Governor of the Madinah Region, Prince `Abdul-`Aziz bin Majid bin `Abdil-`Aziz Al Sa`ud.

King `Abdullah, recently visited the Qassim and Ha'il regions of the Kingdom.

There have been many new projects to be innaugurated by the Cutodian of the Two Sacred Mosques (al-Haramain), may Allah preserve him and guide him to that which is best for his people.

I am not sure exactly how long he will be visiting, but ask Allah to bring benefit to the people of Madinah, as they are rarely honored with such visits.

That's it so far... take care people
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