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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Tonight (Thursday April 12, 2007), insha Allah, there will be a lecture at Masjid Qubaa', given by one of the local Teachers in the Islamic University of Madinah.

The Lecture will be on the topic of "Sticking to the Sunnah", and will take place after Maghrib Salah (Prayer), as is the usual schedule for Lectures held at Masjid Qubaa'.

The Shaikh Giving the Lecture is Dr. 'Abdus-Salaam bin Saalim as-Suhaimi, who teaches in the Shari'ah (Islamic Law) College. He used to be Dean of the College in the past.

The Shaikh has written a few very important books about the Khawarij (mostly Al-Qaeda retards) and Terrorism as well as a book on the main issue all Khawarij start their reigns of terror from: Takfeer (Labelling a person to be a non-Believer)

May Allah reward the Shaikh for giving a talk on such an important topic these days...
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Yup, that's right! The Americans are getting ready to attack!

But it's not that bad, it's not anything to be afraid of. I just made that title to get your attention, that's it.

Insha Allah in another week, our brothers from Masjid ar-Rahmah of Newark. New Jersey will be visiting us in their Annual Visit. The brothers come once a year with a nice sized group. They used to come with our beloved brother Abu Uwais Abdullah Ahmad Ali, may Allah have Mercy on him.

Usually, the group will come for about a week or more and attend different classes taught by local Scholars and Teachers at the Islamic University of Madinah.

I posted about the Americans' Visit to Madinah in the past, check it out.

Monthly Sitting at the Shaikh's House

Also, in more important news regarding the Americans, there will be a sitting at Shaikh Muhammad bin 'Abd al-Wahhab al-'Aqeel's house. It is an monthly sitting that takes place at the Shaikh's house for the American Students Studying at the Islamic University.

I know, I know.... why only the Americans!? Well, because it's not our house is it? It's the Shaikh's house and his rules, and we should all respect that. I'm sure the Shaikh would like al the other Students from all the other countries to attend too, but there's over 6,000 students from more than 135 countries who currently study in the Islamic University.

Also, the monthly sitting will be an explanation of "Jaami' Bayaan al-'Ilm wa Fadhlihi" an amazing book that explains the Virtues of Knowledge (Islamic Knowledge) and the Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge.

If you're in Madinah tomorrow night:
Date: 11th of April, 2007/ 24th of Rabi Awwal, 1428

Time: 930pm sharp insha Allah
This class is for the students from America so we ask everyone to respect this decision.

We will have cars leaving from the Prophet’s Masjid (peace be upon him) and from the Islamic University Masjid insha Allah.

If anyone needs a ride please call
  • 056-241-6205 : Ilyas Ali
  • 056-817-8226 : Isa Parada
  • 056-991-9857 : AbdulHye Davis

This last announcement was courtesy of the Madinah Students Blog, which is run by some of our brothers who help out a LOT with different Student Affairs for their Fellow Brothers.
Stuff like arranging these sittings, helping students find financial aid, and many other things that they are rarely thanked for. You might remember Isa Parada from the Calling All Americans which was then followed by the Infamous Meeting follow-up post.

May Allah reward these brothers well in this life and the next.
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For the last few days, we've had some strange Weather in Madinah.

Madinah's Weather is normally just dry and warm, but it rained yesterday. A lot of times we'll see rain clouds forming, but then after a while they will be carried off to another area of the Kingdom and we won't get any rain. But yesterday we were all quite optimistic that it might actually rain because it had rained in the Mountain city of Ta'if the day before.

Some of you might ask why this seems like a strange thing, when rain is such a common thing in many parts of the world... well it's not that common at all over here. It rains only a handful of times in the Kingdom, and even less in Madinah. I posted a while back on it raining in Madinah. Now that wasn't the only other time it rained, but it hasn't come down that much since then.

The other strange weather phenomenon was these really strong winds we were receiving today. While I was at School, we could see the Palm Trees waving in the wind, which is not very easy to do unless the wind is pretty strong. On my way home, the car was being pushed to the left because of the strong winds coming from the right. The Prophet used to seek refuge in Allah from the wind being of the types of winds that Allah destroyed previous nations with. He used to ask Allah for the good of the wind and the good that it was sent with, and seek refuge in Allah from the bad of the wind and the bad that it might be sent with.

I was truly scared today from the strange weather, you never know what Allah has planned for you, but al-Hamdu lillah, it can't be too bad in Madinah, right?

Here's a current sattelite picture, supplied by the Weather Channel:
Madinah Weather
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